The highlight of my visit to Puerto Rico! I don't have the words to express how happy I am that I reserved a stay with Paul at his Hideaway. The best way I can explain why you should stay here too is to tell the story of my trip home- On the plane sat next to a beautiful young woman. We immediately recounted our travels- I stayed at an AirBnB I explained, with the most amazing host... He's just so cool! He has lived all over, has so much knowledge, is so very generous,... He guided us on where to paddle board, where to get healthy groceries, where to eat dinner. We dined with locals (amazing food, free shots, pictures and sharing jokes with new friends) and walked in a real neighborhood... Paul even made me gluten-free scones and shared his cherished quince butter from VT! After probably 20 minutes when I finally stopped to take a breath, my plane-mate says 'wow, I didn't have nearly as much fun as you. I only ate at the touristy places and none of the food was very good. I didn't meet anyone. My trip was so dull compared to yours.' I can say with confidence that if you book your stay with Paul it'll be the best choice you can make!