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Sculptural Cakelettes

I adore baking. I love everything about it- the fancy implements, the fragrance, the taste, and most of all, sharing it with my guests. There's just nothing more welcoming than a freshly baked, homemade pastry (served preferably with a delicious cup of coffee or tea) to really seal the deal. 

I recently was gifted a fabulous non-stick NordicWare Neo-Gothic cakelette mold from a dear friend and I have been ever so enjoying creating scrumptious little treats for my visitors. A pastry mold of this variety works best with a dense cake recipe, so naturally I turned to my go-to baking diva, Ms. Martha Stewart. Sure, she's maniacal and highly detailed-oriented, but those are some of many reasons she's so damned good at what she does. I have made MANY of her recipes and they always get rave reviews. She knows her business and I trust her implicitly. 

The cake shown here is the Cream Cheese Lemon Pound Cake and it works like a dream in the molds. Finish the cakes with a Lemon Royal Icing and you're sure to get applause. Enjoy!

Get the RECIPE here