Did someone say shopping? Count us in!
Eco Goods and Guayaberas: Shopping Like a Local in San Juan

By Kathleen Squires

Don’t be lured in by tacky souvenir shops selling stuffed coquís and shot glasses emblazoned with the Puerto Rican flag. If you want to shop like a local, ask a local. 

For the best shopping thoroughfare … 

“There is a group of boutiques owned by young women, all within a mile of each other around Calle Loíza. The owners are always in the shops and they are all really hard workers — everything they sell is hand-picked by them and each of their concepts is unique. They were the first to reopen after the hurricane, even when they didn’t have electricity or air-conditioning. And that was great because people were needing to pass some time and feel normal again. Everyone on the street shops in one another’s stores. It’s a wonderful, collaborative feeling and they all have good price points.

Full article: http://nymag.com/travel/urbanist/how-to-shop-like-a-local-in-san-juan.html