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How to care for red cut ginger flowers

Red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) sends up long stems with red or pink flower bracts. The long flower spikes have multiple bracts along their length. They add an exotic touch to indoor bouquets and arrangements. The ginger flowers have a long life as a cut flower, continuing to bloom for two weeks or longer when given proper care. Use red ginger alone in a single-stem vase or combine several ginger blooms with other flowers.

Things You'll Need

Flower preservative


1 Cut the red ginger flower when it is ½ to 2/3 open, but before it completely opens. Cut through the stem with a sharp knife at the base where the stem emerges from the main plant.

2 Place the cut stem in a bucket of warm tap water. Immediately placing the stem in water prevents air bubbles from entering the stem, which extends the life of the flower.

3 Dissolve a packet of cut flower preservative in a vase filled with 120 degree Fahrenheit tap water.

4 Strip the leaves from the ginger stem, leaving only the top one-to-three leaves in place. Cut the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle using a clean knife.

5 Transfer the prepared ginger flower to the vase. Place the vase in a cool room with receives bright but indirect sunlight.

6 Replace the water in the vase with fresh water and preservative every two to three days. Replace the water more frequently if it becomes cloudy or discolored.

Voila! Gorgeous tropical blooms that last! :)


1 Comment